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Summer School in Salamanca for Children

International Junior Summer Camp in Salamanca combines Spanish language courses and a variety of sports and leisure activities offering a great vacation in Spain for children and teens aged 5 - 17. We offer residential and day camp programs and Spanish course only. Your children will have a lot of fun and make new friends from all over the world.

We offer all-inclusive packages at our junior summer camp in Salamanca, providing quality Spanish language teaching, accommodation, care, supervision and social programs.

Program Overview

We offer Residential Summer Camp where your children will learn Spanish language skills while living, studying, playing, and practicing Spanish all day in a multicultural environment. They will participate in many activities including sports, cultural workshops, excursions, meals and more. We also offer a Day Camp option without accommodations. Spanish courses only are also avaialable.

The Salamanca Junior Summer Camp is located on the campus of the private school, situated in the heart of the historic center of Salamanca. The main building dates back to the 16th century and boasts typical Salamanca architecture.

The school has five floors of classrooms, a large conference room, media room, student residences, dining hall and more. The building is centered around a classic courtyard next to a 16th century church, Las Bernadas. Our students have access to an extensive sports facility that includes football field, basketball court, volleyball court, and more. Students will also have access each week to a nearby swim club, where they will go accompanied by their counselors.

Students are accommodated in the school dormitory double rooms. Rooms include closets, shelves and a sink. Bathrooms and showers are located throughout the hallways of the two-floor residential zone.

Day Camp may be a perfect option for you and your children if your family is going to be in Spain for the summer vacation. Your children can participate in activities during the day and stay with their families at night. Day students can take part in all the same classes, sports, workshops, excursions, etc. with residential students from 9:15 AM to 8:00 PM. Day Camp program does not include weekend activities and takes place only from Monday to Friday. Lunch and snack are included. Day Camp Bus for daily transfers is optional.

The first day at the camp

The first day at the residential camp is dedicated to welcoming students, accommodating everyone in the dormitory and making sure everyone is familiar with the school premises and its surroundings. An Orientation Meeting takes place at the end of the day in order to ensure that all enrolled students are present. Students will receive detailed information about the camps rules, schedule, level test, classes, meals and so on. Special activities and sports will be assigned to the students staying for more than 2 weeks on the first day of a new fortnight.

Spanish Language Program details:

  • 20 lessons (45 minutes each) per week
  • Small multi-national classes, 12 - 15 students per class
  • 6 levels: beginner to advanced
  • Qualified Spanish teachers
  • All textbooks and learning materials included
  • End of course Certificates and Reports

Our summer Spanish language curriculum is designed to be interesting and entertaining in order to motivate students. Our objective of all Spanish classes is for students to enjoy the classes while learning as much as possible in a short time. The following skills and subjects are taught at all levels: Speaking, Writing, Listening, Grammar, Reading, Spanish Culture and Spanish History.

Our Spanish teachers are carefully selected native Spanish speakers with at least a 5-year university degree in Spanish Linguistics and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Most teachers have a Master and/or Doctorate in Spanish and all have the Certificate of Teaching Ability. Our junior summer camp faculty is experienced in teaching Spanish to young students of all ages and they implement a wide array of techniques that will engage students of any age group and learning type.

On the first day of classes, all students take a placement test. They are then placed into one of six levels, from beginner to advanced and receive a textbook that works well with class instruction. Our teaching materials are designed according to varying age groups and levels of linguistic competence. We also employ other multimedia and audio-visual tools to present lessons and take full advantage of our modern facilities.

At the end of the program, and upon successful completion of the Spanish course, students will be given a certificate and a progress report.


All residential students are on a full board basis every day of the week. The meal plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. On days that the students leave the premises to participate in special activities or trips, they will be provided with a lunch bag. If any student requires a special diet (vegetarian, anti-allergy or other) this poses no problem at all for our kitchens. Simply notify us of your requirements at the time of enrolment and we will pass this onto the school directors and kitchen personnel.

Medical Insurance and Assistance

All students are covered by medical insurance, included in the price of the program. If your child is allergic to anything or requires a special diet we urge you to notify us beforehand so we can give this matter the proper attention. If your child has a medical condition we should know about, it is crucial that you inform us as soon as possible.

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Activities and Excursions

Salamanca is a city that lies by the Tormes River on a plateau and is considered to be one of the most spectacular Renaissance cities in Europe. The buildings are constructed of sandstone mined from the nearby Villamayor quarry, and, as the sun begins to set, they glow gold, orange and pink. It is this radiant quality of the stones that has given Salamanca the nickname La Dorada, the golden city.

In 1218, Alfonso X of Leon (Alfonso The Wise) founded the University - one of the first in the world. In 1254, Pope Alexander IV called it "one of the four leading lights of the world". Many people come from all parts of Spain to study at the university, and the students represent a significant percentage of the city's population.

Our Junior Summer Camp Program in Salamnca offers students exciting activities and excursions. The program includes one afternoon activity per day, such as cultural visits, sports, trips to the swimming pool, etc. All activities are always designed to be age-appropriate.

Each two-week session includes one full-day and at least two half-day excursions to nearby sites of interest in the vicinity of the camp. These trips introduce students to the great diversity of Spanish culture, food and geography, and aim to take full advantage of the special attractions around the camp.

Excursions and trips include:

  • Salamanca Tours (University, Casa de las Conchas, Cathedral)
  • Segovia
  • Avila
  • Trip to Portugal
  • Trip to Madrid
  • Ciudad Rodrigo
  • Alba de Tormes
  • Sierra de Francia, and more

Optional Sports:

Students wishing to participate in optional sports have to enrol at the time of registration for the program. It will not be allowed to enrol on site. Furthermore, please note that due to scheduling conflicts, students who enrol in our optional sport program may not always be able to participate in all the other camp activities. Due to this reason only one optional sport per 2-week session can be booked.

In Salamanca, we offer the following optional sports:

  • Tennis or Paddle, 10 hours
  • Horseback Riding, 9 hours
  • Golf, 10 hours
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Supervision of Students

Your son/daughter’s safety is our main objective. We offer lots of individual care and attention to each student. Our welfare and support staff are on site at all times - 24 hours a day. We have a 24 hour emergency contact phone number for students and parents.

Permission to go out un-escorted:

All students regardless of their age are not allowed to leave the camp premises unattended. However the program allows 15-year old students and older an undetermined number of unescorted outings during each two-week session. The applicable curfew for those outings will be determined by the camp director. Only those students whose parents have signed and sent to us in advance the permission form found at the end of this document, will be allowed to leave the grounds exclusively during the outings mentioned above.

Students under 15 years of age or those, whose parents do not sign the authorization form will never go out without supervision under any circumstance. Instead they will participate in the scheduled activities for campmates without permission to leave the grounds such as parties, campfires, games and so on.

Pocket Money

For your child’s safety we strongly suggest that your child deposits his/her money in the school’s bank which is managed by the monitors. We suggest that your child brings between 100 Euro and max. 150 Euro for personal expenses for an approximate period of 2 weeks. Each coordinator will be responsible to see that your child administers and spend this money wisely. In case your child needs additional money, you must make private arrangements since the camp’s management won’t be able to take care of obtaining external funds for students.

Visits from Parents or Relatives

Visits have to be announced and confirmed at least three days in advance, otherwise the student might be away from the school during an excursion.

This is my child's first camp and he/she is homesick...

We know that for young children it can be complicated to be separated from their parents. The first week they may fell vulnerable as they get used to a new environment. These feelings will go away as they get used to their surroundings and start making friends. If your child is still feeling homesick despite efforts by monitors and classmates, we suggest that parents try to urge students to remain in the program nevertheless. The experience will only take a couple of days and will improve your child’s character and independence sense!

If my child has a problem...

If your child has any problem, ask him to talk to his/her camp supervisor/counsellor (called “monitor”). Our objective is to make your children to feel as if they were at home. We recommend that they direct all questions and concerns to their supervisor (“monitor”). The sooner they talk about their issues, the better the problem will be solved. While talking to our camp counsellors is the fastest way to find a solution, we are also happy to take care of your child’s needs at our central offices.

What happens if my child gets sick?

Every our camp location is equipped with a nurse’s station with first aid service 24 hours a day. If your child has allergies, medical problems, or specific diet requirements, please communicate this to our offices in order for us to better attend to their needs. Your child’s health is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE to us.

Program Rules

Please consider that your child will take part in an international program with students from all over the world featuring different languages, cultures and religions. Due to this fact, respect is essential not only in regard of campmates, teachers and coordinators but also of the school rules. This is the basis of the good development of the program. Not observing the rules will cause the immediate expulsion of the student from the program without any right to a refund.

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Dates and Prices

  • Starting Dates: July 1, July 15, July 29, from July 1 to August 11, 2018
  • Arrivals on Sundays, departures on Saturdays
  • Minimum duration: 2 weeks
  • Day camp and Spanish course are available for 1 week

Program Fees:

Duration Residential Camp Day Camp Course Only
2 weeks € 1250 € 730 € 390
4 weeks € 2250 +€ 365 extra week +€ 195 extra week
6 weeks € 3375
8 weeks € 4475

Other fees (in Euros):

  • Optional Sport - Tennis€ 200 per 12 hours
  • Optional Sport - Paddle tennis€ 200 per 12 hours
  • Optional Sport - Horseback Riding€ 200 per 10 hours
  • Optional Program - Creativity€ 200 per 12 hours
  • Day Camp weekend activities (optional)€ 100 per day
  • Uniform (optional) - 5 t-shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 2 pair of shorts, baseball cap€ 100
  • Application fee:€ 100
  • Course registration fee:€ 65
  • Bank fee:€ 45
  • Airport transfer each way:€ 85

The program fee includes:

  • 20 Spanish lessons per week
  • Residential accommodation
  • All meals (Day camp prices include lunch only)
  • Excursions and activities
  • Medical Insurance
  • Close supervision and 24-hour emergency telephone number
  • Welcome pack
  • Placement test
  • Leaving certificate

Most of our students apply for the program directly and are coming to the camp on their own or with their parents. However, we also accept groups of students coming together. Please note that the number of places for groups coming from one country is limited in order to have a good international mix of students coming to our Junior Summer Camp from over 40 different countries.

We don't have application deadlines. However, all enrollments are subject to space availability. We recommend to reserve your place as far in advance as possible. Please note that the camp capacity is 250 students and many parents and group leaders are "Early Birds" and make their decision 6 to 8 months in advance.

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Important Information

Apply Now! We have a limited number of places and most places have been already booked. All applications are considered in the order they received.

Key Features

  • Ages: 5 - 17 years
  • Lessons: 20 lessons per week
  • Class Size: 12 students per class
  • Levels: 6 levels
  • Accommodation: Residential
  • Host Family: Available
  • Day Camp Option: Available
  • Medical Insurance: Included
  • Camp Capacity: 250 students
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